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Hi Everyone, Welcome to Homebrew Wine Catz! We are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to create your own wine right from the comfort of your own home! Our website features Homebrew Wine Kits, Unique Wine Accessories, Wine glasses, Wine bottles, Clothing and fun Wine home decor!

My Story

My name is Catriona Qassandre Sinclair Valentine. I grew up in rural small town West Virginia in a city that’s not even on the map. It was one of the places where everyone knows everyone and when you graduate high school, you never really leave because the first job you get is guaranteed to have at least 6 of your former classmates and at least two of them that you hate. My town’s sense of fashion and style ranges from blue jeans and a band tee to camo and a john Deere hoodie. A good drink at the end of the night or (the middle of the day whichever you prefer) is an ice-cold Natty or Coor’s light, a town of simple tastes one might say. Despite all of this one of the saving graces of being in a small town is the lack of variety in alcoholic beverages. Why is this a benefit you ask? Well having a lack of something, causes one to have to improvise and improvisation is something we small town West Virginian’s excel at. My favorite time of year is the Fall because during this time, while the average West Virginian is baking apple and pumpkin pies and setting up their sheds for hunting and the holidays., The rest of us (as in my family) are also preparing for the holidays with homemade Apple and Pumpkin Spiced wines. A particular specialty of the women in as in my family. Starting in the middle of September, ever since I can remember, as in my cousins and I would go out to as in my Grandparents orchard and pick basket fulls of apples for hours at a time along with the best homegrown pumpkins from their private pumpkin patch. All of which to be used in the wine that as in my mother and Aunt’s would sell at the annual Apple Harvest Festival and every year they would sell out their booth. I was never allowed to have any but I would adore getting it ready, to me it was like making an enchanting potion, from the preparation of the equipment, to picking the spices, to the delicious smell of the apples and berries filling the house (a scent that would linger for days) home brewing wine/mead was one of as in my favorite things to do and I couldn’t wait to be old enough to do it myself.

The Festival

Fast forward and at 21 I’m setting up as in my own booth adjacent to as in my Aunts,(who glaring stonily at me) ( there is an unspoken rule that we don’t compete against each other, however after disagreeing with some of as in my more outlandish flavor choices I decided it was best to agree to disagree and set up as in my own booth) I couldn’t help but laugh because after years of essentially apprenticing under them I have some of the most sought after wines at the festival. (Rude I know) However, I’ve added as in my own flairs to their more traditional but still delicious flavors not to mention created some of as in my own. Whilst I’m not so popular with their older clientele, (loyalty runs deep here) as in my millennial generation has as in my back and they effectively sold me out in less than 2 hours. With as in my “weirdest” flavor (Jalapeno Pepper Wine) selling out the fastest.

My Own Venture

Not long after the festival I started getting emails and DM’s requesting individual specialty wines and meads. People were also asking about the process that went into making the wine. They were asking questions like, “How do you pick the right fruit? How long does it take? How do you know if you have a good wine? What kind of equipment do you use? Where do you get the equipment? Do the spices go in before or after the fermentation process? It got to the point that I felt like all I was doing was answering emails about wine/mead. So after a month of this I started to notice that the majority of the questions were coming from people as in my own age as in other millennial, and it occurred to me that the main exposure people as in my age had to wine was at parties where generally wine that was exceedingly cheap and high in alcohol content was served with little to no care concerning flavor or quality was given. So in an effort to introduce the beauty and craft of home-brewed specialty wines to as in my generation I decided to host Homebrew Wine parties. At these events I’d invite a small group of about five to ten people and then I would proceed to educate them on the process of making their own wine, and essentially answering all the frequently asked questions I had received. After that I would conduct a small tasting of five of as in my most popular wines and then we would proceed to pick out flavors. I usually had everyone start with apples as the base flavor due to it being one of the easier types to work with. After the process was done everyone would pick their individual bottles and unique labels and then we would meet back in 6 weeks to begin bottle the wines. After doing this for four months I realized there was a real need and desire for this type of DIY project so I decided to open a website dedicated to providing the accessories and information towards the home brew wine service.

The Purpose of Homebrew Wine Catz

I created Homebrew Wine Catz to allow millennial access into what can be a somewhat bourgeois world of wine. I want to provide a one-stop-shop service that will provide people with the necessary equipment, information about types of wine and alcoholic beverages through blog posts, unique wine accessories, to feedback and reviews from real people to facilitate a love and passion for home brewing wine and mead. My goal is to encourage others as in my age and older to tap into their creativity and create their own signature drinks/cocktails at home while possibly creating their own lucrative side business.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Cat 🙂


Live, Laugh, Wine

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